Bay Area Housing Corporation

Since 2003, Bay Area Housing Corporation (BAHC) has developed quality homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Our goal is to improve the lives of people with I/DD by creating outstanding housing that meets their individual needs.

Our homes are in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We work closely with San Andreas Regional Center (SARC) serving Santa Clara, San Benito, Monterey and San Benito County and Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) serving Marin, San Francisco & San Mateo Counties. We currently own and maintain 44 properties that provide specialized homes for people with I/DD who are placed by SARC and GGRC. Our assets are over $68 million and we are a respected and stable 501(c)3 organization.

We are recognized for our leadership, problem solving, creativity and our competence. We focus on people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and are a voice throughout the State and the community for their housing needs.


What we are Up To

BAHC is currently imagining new housing programs that will expand the type of housing that it creates in the community for this amazing population.

  • We will create more housing that meets the needs of individuals with disabilities, is fully inclusive, and designed for financial sustainability and scale.
  • BAHC’s Innovation Housing Fund (IHF) is the down payment for that dream.
  • Please join us as we develop innovations in housing