Silicon Valley Gives 2016

We’re passionate about creating affordable, quality housing for people with developmental disabilities so they can live life to their full potential!

Bay Area Housing Corporation owns and manages 37 special needs properties. Many of our residents are medically fragile and need constant care.

We believe they have the right to live in a warm home environment with as much dignity and self-determination as possible.

Why Do We Need Your Help?

We provide lovely, safe homes for so many who can’t take care of themselves–like twin girls who were born with severe developmental disabilities. Their mother cared for them at home until they were 10. She was brokenhearted when she finally had to place them into a care home. She never felt entirely secure with her daughters there, and they struggled with repeated bouts of pneumonia during that time.

twin girls who were born with severe developmental disabilities

Six years later, she was able to place her daughters into a Bay Area Housing Corporation home. The experience has been positive beyond anything she could have imagined. Her daughters each have a bedroom and a beautiful, warmly decorated home where they get the care they need. The staff is truly extended family.

Our staff is very lean. This small group makes sure our organization provides customized housing and property management for the developmentally disabled population.

We also spend a significant amount of time on advocacy and community relations to benefit them.

Your donation will help with our operating costs.

You will transform a life!

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of people living with developmental disabilities!

Will You Help?

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